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Bartlesville, OK  KBVO 

Phone:  918-332-0130   Email:  cfi@kbvo-flight.com

Gene W. Knowledge Test Passed!

Scored 90.  July 2017

Paul S.  Certified Pilot

February 2016

Justin F.  Certified Pilot
August 2015

Purchased Piper Cherokee

​August 2016

Intro Flight $125
Learn to Fly. Earn Your Private Pilot Certificate

Intro Flights. Re- Currency Training.

Annual Flight Reviews. C-172 Rental.

Wm. R. Herrmann



Bartlesville Municipal Airport 
2005 Will Rogers Rd 
Bartlesville OK  74003 
Phone:  918-332-0130

Kudos and Congratulations!

New Flight Plan Format

Coming Soon.  More info below

Intro Flight. Actually fly the plane! Great gift.

Excellent for those considering flight lessons.

Days are Getting Longer & Warmer

Remember to Calculate Density Altitude!

Density Altitude Calculation

​​​ICAO Flight Plan format coming soon

Click on link below to learn how to complete an ICAO Flight Plan

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